Designing life is to make your dream come true

Carmen is a video production specialist by trade.  She started working in the event and wedding area since 2010 and after working on over 300 events, she has grown an intense interest in event design and planning.  It all stemmed from her value of telling stories.  As a firm believer in storytelling, she sees one's preferences in clothing, lifestyle, personality, music choices, tastes in food selections, favorite color palette are all-in-one that tells about the person's story.  And that is the direction of designing an event.  The goal of the design is to present the organization's culture, a couple's style and the story behind them.


Starting CAJ Atelier is a new adventure for Carmen and nothing is more exciting than combining her skills and experiences in the event and wedding industry.  While she has been a video production specialist for over 13 years and has done hundreds of weddings and events, the one thing she's able to tell right away is how to make it pleasing to photographs and film from the design perspective.  While planning is like designing life by putting the pieces together that tells the best story of your life, she believes that being well-planned and organized will always bring the best result of a successful event, and so is life.  

Co-Founder & Event Producer

Creativity is intelligence having fun

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." This is Alison's favorite motto from Albert Einstein.  She has been passionate and obsessed with creativity since she was young. Alison earned a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from college and she has over 15 years of experience in event planning, coordinating and design in the education and nonprofit fundraising sectors. She started doing event planning and design for friends’ weddings and private parties that she found tremendous satisfaction by turning someone’s dream event into reality.  Her extensive background in design and event planning has helped develop her critical eyes in her aesthetic and styling sense, visualization technique, communications with others and being detail-oriented in bringing the best quality.  


Event design is not just about looking aesthetically pleasing. But the selection of décor and elements can bring ideas of an event to life. The objective of her design is to facilitate guests' greatest engagement and enjoyment in an event.  Joining CAJ Atelier gives her an opportunity to continue fulfilling her dream and to help others make their dream come true.  


Co-Founder & Event Designer

Making things beautiful is my goal

Jessica is a wife, felting artist and travel enthusiast based in San Francisco.  It is her honor and pleasure to join CAJ Atelier as a co-founder and an event designer to bring more creative and unique event design ideas to life.


Jessica has always been compelled to create beautiful things with her two hands.  She enjoys the process of creating and building things from sketch to finished beautiful products.  Whether it’s a birthday gift or a large scale decoration for a major life event, she pays great attention to details and strives for perfection in her every single piece of work.  Quality is always the core value for all her creations.


Jessica also believes that everyone is created with a special gift and ability to use to bless others and serve our communities, and she clearly knows hers is to touch people’s hearts with her artworks.  

Co-Founder & Event Designer

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