Dessert Table Alternatives We Love

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Are your ready to take the switch? Let's take it a notch further by offering something else aside from the traditional dessert table and candy buffet. See the ideas we love below!

Coffee Bar. Wedding day is not only a long haul day for the wedding couples but also sometimes for the wedding guests. How about treating your guests with a cup of fresh brewed tasty coffee at the reception?

IMAGE FROM: Lauren Rae Photography

Donut Wall. The trend started about 2-3 years ago but even up to this day, the donut wall remains to be one of the favorite alternatives to dessert table. Reasons? Who would not love donuts? Plus, it's very easy to install and EAT. :)

IMAGE FROM: Style Me Pretty

Cookie Station. A simple yet satisfying alternation. Try offering different flavors of cookies. This will surely be a hit to adults and children.

IMAGE FROM: Deer Pearl Flowers

Pizza Station. It's not something sweet but hey it's PIZZA! Offer different flavors for guests and they'll definitely love it.

IMAGE FROM: Style Me Pretty

Popcorn Bar. A simple alternative to dessert station. You can offer various toppings and favorings that guests can mix and match. It's very easy to do and it won't cost too much. Perfect for any occasions especially to children's events.

IMAGE FROM: Pen N_ Paperflowers

Hot Chocolate Station. Perfect for winter or fall weddings and events. Just add some marshmallows, flavored syrups, cinnamon, and even some alcohol like Bailey's and it's good to go. This is something to keep the guests warm during the event. Also a perfect beverage for long chats.

IMAGE FROM: PNP flowers Inc.

What's your idea of dessert table alternatives?

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