Destination Wedding Preparations and Tips

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Planning a destination wedding which of course include traveling whether in a different state or an international country is a serious business. Everything is a bit more challenging, stressful, and yes, pricey. But if want to say your "I do" in a place you fall in love with, even if its far away from you, you just have to do it. Proper research is a must of course and this article somehow tends to help you how to do it. See below for tips on planning your ultimate destination wedding.

A year of planning. A destination wedding requires a lot of planning and re-planning. When overseas, you also have to work with the people involved overseas and if you can't be physically present all the time, planning and communication should be clear and yes, you need a lot of time for it. For some, they start working 18 months in advance. You will need to adjust your budget, apply for a marriage license and a lot more.

What the venue requires. Ideally, you visit the venue months ahead of the wedding and before the final booking. If you want to visit again a month before the wedding to make adjustments, much better. Ask about their rules especially if it's overseas. With the venue comes transportation expenses. Do you need plane tickets? Or do you need to hire a vehicle for your guests?

Consider your guests. Most destination weddings are intimate affairs. The couple only invite close friends and family members because it requires effort. But you also have to take the following into consideration: Will it be affordable for them to fly to the destination? Can you provide hotel options in which they can stay? If there are certain people that you want to be on your wedding but they may not be able to afford traveling, you should be able to plan it or shed extra expenses for them to make it.

Work with an expert. A must: Hire someone who is an expert in doing a destination wedding. If the planner is originally from your preferred location, then great. If not, ask if he or she is able to work on your dream place.

Hire local vendors. It will be much more expensive if all the vendors you hire will travel to and from your preferred venue during the whole planning process. Ask the help of your coordinator or the venue if they know great local vendors who can help you on your wedding.

Keep legalities in mind. What is legal from one state might not be legal on the other. Countries abroad also have their own set of rules. Before finally deciding on your venue, research about their laws and other legal matters. Research on their culture too! On what's offensive and what's not.

Savor the moment. Lastly, when everything is in proper order. Just have fun and enjoy the moment. Treasure every bit of your magical day.

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