Have Your Heard About Minimalist Glam Weddings?

For some people thinks "Less is More" more attractive. If you happen to be one of those, then we have the perfect theme for you! It's something minimalist but still rockin' with glam!

Minimalism obviously has taken over just about everything from home decors, toys, clothing, art, and a lot more. Did you know that the movement actually started post World War II and has now becoming a trend in modern world? We think it's here to stay.

Adding twist to a minimalist theme in events has always been most stylist's favorite. One of the most talk about is what we called "Minimalist Glam". It's still minimalist in all aspect but with a splash of glamor in an otherwise masculine, plain aesthetics. Now what is that "Glamor"? It can be anything. A modern piece, a feminine touch, a hint of color. A bit of lighting can work as well. See below some of our favorite minimalist glam inspirations.

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