How to Showcase your Style and Personality in your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful especially for the brides. The term "Bridezilla" wouldn't be invented for nothing right? But when you are certain that you already found the special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, so it is only fitting to make your day a perfect one. You slowly weave the plans, incorporate your story as a couple, and of course your personalities. You want to make that day special by telling a story... your beautiful story.

How can you make that special day unique? There are actually a lot of ways to do so. The number one consideration is the theme. Couples who are lover of adventure opt for a travel theme wedding with photos from the place they've been too. They use maps to point out their past adventures and some even use table numbers to tell their adventure stories.


Another is the venue. Do you met in the beach? Then having an intimate beach wedding might be your top choice. Some preferred theme parks (yes, it's possible), barn, and garden.


It can also be through music and dances. There are a lot of couples today who work with the entertainment provider for a playlist that is memorable to them. There are even brides and grooms who sing. Some while walking down the aisle.


It can be through food. Do you both love pizza? Would you prefer a pizza bar? How about a caravan bar that you can enjoy with your friends?


Or are you two movie enthusiasts?


Your wedding is your special day and this is surely the day to inspire others with your story. How that two different people magically became one. :)

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