Planning for a Barn House Wedding

We just love the warm, rustic, and romantic feel of a barn wedding. It also holds endless possibilities for beautiful, dreamy photos. Every corner of a barn seems a perfect photo backdrop, right? And trust us, it looks good on an Instagram feed. But even if we love barn weddings so much, planning for it is not as easy as it looks. See some planning ideas below!

Fortunately today, it is very easy to find the perfect venue for a barn wedding. There are various options around. One Google search would lead you to many beautiful barn places. And you don't have to travel far for it. You could also know someone who has a barn you could use for the wedding. Generally, renting a barn where ceremony and reception can happen, is less costly but there are whole bunch of other things that you need to set aside a budget for.

You have to check if the barn house offers packages. Barn venues for weddings sometimes have packages that include catering services and sounds and lighting. They also have affiliated vendors that can help you on your day. However, there are those who does not offer "full service" and you'd just get the barn as it is. In this case, you'll be the one to scout and pay for everything: tables and chairs, generators, lights, tents, etc.

It is important to check the grounds. Will it be easy for the guests to travel by car and by feet (during the outdoor ceremony) during the wedding? Some barn houses are surrounded by fields so you have to check your options for this as well.

Safety firsts. Prepare for bugs and insects that may affect guests and the food because barns are mostly in the middle of a farm. Include citronella candles in your "Must Have" list.h Include umbrellas and fan as well if the weather is a bit unpredictable. And if there are animals, make sure they are safe and secured cause guests may have allergies that can be triggered by certain animals.

The list can go on and on, depending on what you want for your wedding but you can start with these four. :)

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