Planning Your Dreamy Rustic Wedding

Vintage, rural, and shabby -- these words would probably best describe a rustic setup. We love the nostalgic feel and warm smell of everything rustic! How about you?

Think about the woods, washed up bricks and barrels, small tress, figs, and twigs. It is very romantic. Rustic wedding theme is a trend that is here to stay. We may get introduced to a lot of beautiful themes in the future but there will always be couples who would prefer to do it in a rustic, country side way.

There are countless of ideas on pulling of a rustic wedding everywhere. Even DIYs and it is surprisingly easy to do. And while rustic themed wedding is often linked to countryside setup like barns, it can be anywhere, really. Even in a modern events place in the city. It is all about the details. Check ideas below on how to do it!

Wooden elements. Whether you choose to have your wedding in a barn, in a city, in an old house, or a farm, you can very well pull up a rustic flare with everything wood. The earthly and warm appeal of these elements can turn any venue around.

Warm lights. Warm yellow lights go hand with the wooden elements. They are partners. Rustic appeal won't be complete without yellow bulbs. :)

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Sense of smell. Smell of cinnamon, old twigs, coffee bean, and even lavenders can heightened the olfactory sense, transporting guests into a whole new different place and feel.

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Rustic menu. Food, of course, can make such a huge difference. Make sure hot cocoa, pumpkin soup, pecan pies, and cinnamon rolls are part of your menu. :)

These are just 4 ways to achieve a dreamy, rustic wedding but you can add so much more! There are many ideas that will surely work out there. Proper planning is the key.

Thinking of a rustic theme for your special day? Let us know by sending us a message! We can help you out.

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