Wedding Theme We Love: Travel

What's your idea of adventure? Many couples nowadays prefer to travel during their free time or vacation. Whether it is about seeing new places, find solace, soul search, or to just relax and take their mind off things, traveling has become their number one form of bonding. It's the best bonding too, if you ask us!

And so couples who love travel also want to incorporate this theme on their wedding. This theme never gets old. Some love to do add DIY touches and some rely on their wedding stylists to add personal touches. The theme is so easy to pull off. Travel essentials like a few globes, maps, paper planes, suitcases, and postcards are very easy to get and they appear very elegant too.

There are many variations to a travel-themed wedding. It can be something vintage, shabby, modern, or minimalist. We love its versatility.

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